Saturday, June 6, 2020

Mourning - Episode 579 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:40)

Gigi is working on the Pointed Firs shawl in Outlaw yarn: Polwarth , Alpaca, Possum in a pale, smoky grey.
Jasmin finished the second sleeve and joined it to the body for her  Embrace Octopus
pullover in Oink Pigments “Motion of the Ocean” and “Hibiscus Kiss”. #projectsweaterchest
Gigi is working on Opus the Octopus.
Jasmin is ¾ finished with her FoolProof cowl in Alexandra the Art of Yarn, Sun River base in “persimmon”
and “Espresso”.
Gigi started a Knitmore Cowl in Alexandra the Art of Yarn. It is grey with raspberry flashes 
She is writing writing up pattern as she knits.
Jasmin is working on the Cardizen in Onyx Fiber Arts
Gigi is working on he Ochre cardigan out of Lisa Souza yarn, in a denim color with Knitcompanion.
Jasmin started the first CC stripe on her Match and Move shawl (by Martina Behm #behmalong)
Gigi finished the Clockwork by Stephen West, in grey and white Oink Pigments yarn.
Gigi had set up a preemie hat kit. There are hats in various states of construction.

In Stitches (17:07)
Gigi is wearing the A-line skirt she made in the Beginning Clothing Construction at West Valley College,
and a grey floral dress from ages ago. Jasmin suggests Butt shorts  and Gigi is thinking about
Jasmin wore a polka dot dress that Gigi made ages ago

The Operation Sock Drawer book will be published in October
knitty.com   has a comprehensive list of events that have been canceled
Stash Dash 2020 Dates 5/22 to 8/22/20 #teamcuteknitter #beatbostonjen

Mother Knows Best:(23:53)
Jasmin mentions Sasha Torres' podcast Sheepspot
Jasmin mentions Project Cornerstone.

When Knitting Attacks: (31:45)
Gigi was attacked by the Pointed Firs.
Gigi's Sewn bowl cozy.  It came out worse for wear from the wash
Jasmin joined the sleeves on the WRONG SIDES of her octopus pullover

Knits in Space:(40:33)
Making, making, making. Sharing.
Pawley studio (pie plate)

And Sew On:(50:36)
Gigi finished the embroidery project from the Couture Embellishments class.
Gigi finished the third half-lined nightshirt, but needs to take pictures 
The saga of the missing box of  presser feet continues.
Gigi needs to make a sturdy copy of the sloper on a polypropylene sheet from Tap Plastic 

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