Wednesday, June 4, 2014

With Love and Envy - Episode 284 - The Knitmore Girls

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On The Needles:(0:37)

Jasmin talks about the Knit Girllls' Stash Dash. Gigi is working on three pairs of Fluoromania socks.
Jasmin is working on the Chocolate Rainbow socks by FabFunkyFibres.

Jasmin finished her Blueflame socks. She finished the Snapdragon socks. Gigi is knitting on the body of the Water's Edge for the #matchymatchyKAL out of Abstract Fiber's Rothko. 

Jasmin mentions Try-it-on Tubing. Jasmin talks about Genevieve's Squirrel sweater. Gigi is working on the Loasa Lateritia socks from the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet.

Jasmin cast on a pair of socks out of Quere Fiber in the colorway "Vincent and the Doctor". Gigi unearthed her Asterope from Area 51.

Loose Ends:(12:59)

Jasmin mentions labels for Knitmore-Alongs from Sterling Name Tapes: Information for getting labels:

- Donate $1.50 for postage and envelope through Paypal button (in sidebar)
- PM Jasmin (cuteknitter) via Ravelry, and let her know how many sweater and shawl labels you want, and put "labels" in the subject line
- Include your Paypal email address in your PM
- International: PM Jasmin on Ravelry for cost of shipping

Put a picture of your sewn in labels in the "labels" thread.

The Summer of Lace and Beads thread has been started. Jasmin picked up her Dryad.

The newest Book in the Outlander series has been released, there will be a thread in the forum, Written in My Own Heart's Blood.


-June 7th, Fleeces, Food and Fun, at the Retzlaff Winery.
-June 14th- June 22nd: International Knit In Public Day Week
-July 5th-27th: Tour de Fleece
- September 1st, Monterey Wool Auction 


We announced the first winner of #operationsockdrawer. #OperationSockdrawer Contest. Simply Socks Yarn has graciously donated a prize.

Make sure to hashtag your photos as #operationsockdrawer on instagram, make sure your ravelry name is on your instagram profile.

Jasmin goes on about the new Abstract Fiber supersock yarn (in "Salem") for our next prize. Gigi is excited about knitting Stitch Surfer socks.

 Mother Knows Best:(23:30)

This week we answer a question out of the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about using variegated yarn. Jasmin recommends fair isle, and mentions Mary Scott Huff, and Philosophers designs.

Gigi suggests Martina Behm designs. Jasmin suggests woven shawls, maybe in a hounds tooth design. She mentions Schacht's Cricket and Flip looms

When Knitting Attacks:(28:57)

Gigi was attacked at the Mini Water's Edge. She mentions the Fledgeling Featherweight. Also, she attacked the Asterope shawl.

Jasmin exhumed her Snapdragon socks, and was having problems with the after-thought heel.


This week we purloin "Brewing" from the Knit, Knit Cafe podcast, hosted by the wonderful Abby.

Gigi wants to knit all kinds of things. And she wants to go on a blocking spree. Jasmin wants to swatch for Andrew's Colonel Henley.

Jasmin plans growing The Head to Toe Project to go Nation-wide. She mentions Martine from the iMake podcast.

Jasmin mentions Jade, from the Geek Girl Crafts podcast.


This week we review Knitting Gifts for Baby, by Mel Clark 

Gigi quotes Allison Hyde Author of "Wrapped in Comfort". Jasmin mentions Dale of Norway

Tour de Fleece Training:(58:01)

Week 4 of Tour de Fleece training: Get your equipment in order. 

Jasmin mentions Carson Demers' "Ergo, I knit"


  1. I love this podcast!!! I am learning so much from both of you. And Genevieve is PRECIOUS.

  2. My favorite part again is the finale! Thank you so much for being multi-generational : )
    I'm investigating the bullet journal but loved the boxes when I pulled up "imake!" I have been playing with journaling for a while & love the ideas/inspiration.
    Our cat's name is Mini Me & my husband wanted to name our Bassett Hound Fat Bassett (I over ruled because the thought of our kids calling the dog was JUST too much). So I laughed out loud at the Austin Powers reference! P.S. Zsa Zsa is a beautiful Bassett Hound.
    Off to knit more : )