Monday, May 16, 2011

Knitting Genealogy - Episode 152 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles: (:31)
Gigi has finished knitting the Elektra shawl. Greg has decided to frog the sleeves on his Changes in Latitude sweater. Jasmin is working on an old project, the Aran Pocket Shawl from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls. Gigi is working on another pair of Hobbit Socks for Mr. Knitmore.

Greg is working on another pair of socks for the New York niece. Gigi is working on her Origami Sweater. Jasmin is working on the Unloved Andrew socks. Jasmin mentions the Harmony Sweepstakes festival. Gigi is working on the Katje sweater out of bulky Venezia. Jasmin is knitting the Polo Match cowl out of the Punta Mericash Solid. Greg talks about his travels abroad.

Events: (24:29)

- June 4th: Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery
- June 11th: WWKIP Day. Location TBD.
- June 24-26: Black Sheep Gathering. We're staying at the Courtesy Inn in Eugene, OR.

Mother Knows Best: (26:27)

This week, we talk about using stitch markers in lace knitting.

...And Sew On: (33:15)

We talk about the yarn crawl, and ending up at Hart's Fabric in Santa Cruz. We mention the Seabright Brewery. We mention needing a better word than "seamstress" or "sewer" and encouraging Jacquie to do a sewing podcast.

Review: (44:27)

This week, we review Sweet Baby Crochet by Sandy Scoville and Denise Black. It's ok, but if you want a book of really cute crocheted baby stuff, Jasmin recommends taking a look at Candy Tots by Candi Jensen.


  1. Sorry folks the Clan Arans are a modern

    Aran patterns date from the 1930's and the "tradition" was built afterwards I've researched this extensively and continue to research it. This includes some recommended books on Aran Knitting.

    Info about shops in Ireland can be found in the Irish Knitting Blog and the Irish Knitters Ravelry Group

  2. p.s. there are a few of us who would be willing to be interviewed about this, including myself.

  3. I didn't know you mentioned me!! That was sooooo sweet! And I like the word "sewist". It denotes either Male or Female, and is just a wonderful word.

    And yes, I will be doing a PodCast at some point here. Very excited about it. :D


  4. i LOVE your idea about making project bags out of beloved Tshirts. Can you give some pattern suggestions? I'd love to make some of these!!