Monday, November 22, 2010

Inspired - Episode 127 - The Knitmore Girls

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The holidays are fast approaching, and the Purlescence Purl Girls are preparing holiday goodies for you all to enjoy. We are pleased to announce the arrival of three new fiber lines: Frabjous Fibers, Ashland Bay Fibers, and Crown Mountain Fibers. We're also stocking up on looms and spinning wheels for your holiday gift desires. Get your wish list in and order early to ensure delivery before mid-December! And don't forget that the Pajama Jammie Jam is coming. We've got lots of great deals when we open at 6am on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Happy autumn knitting!


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On the Needles: (00:29)

Jasmin is working on the sleeves for Meghan's Twist cardigan. Gigi is working on her Cassidy, and is underwhelmed by the quality of the Manos Rittenhouse. Gigi is working on her Maia shawl. Gigi mentions Jasmin's blog.

We have canceled our trip to Vogue Knitting Live due to the recent changes in TSA policy. Safety and civil rights come first. You can read any number of articles and anecdotes regarding this here.

We are inspired by a sweater at Lane Bryant with an inspired construction. Gigi is knitting another pair of vanilla socks out of Regia.

Mother Knows Best: (16:49)

We answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread. We discuss what to consider when buying buttons.

Review: (24:59)

This week we review Knitting it Old School by Stitchy McYarnpants and Caro Sheridan. We LIKE it!

Some favorites include:

The Ahoy Sailor sweater
St Moritz top
Rally Dress
Swing Time
Sock Hop
Go Go Granny
Not an Extra

Straw into Gold: (39:38)

Jasmin is still spinning on the Barbie dream fleece from the 2009 Monterey Wool Auction. Jasmin talks about how to pick a beginning spindle. Jasmin's pick is the Schacht student spindle.


  1. Glad you are standing up for our rights. Mayhaps if Washington hears that the Knitmore Girls are canceling trips things will change. Mayhaps we should start a million knitter revolution. Let Steph know. Wish I could cancel a trip, but none are planned. What an exciting life I lead.

  2. Excellent show! Those are called fishing lure swivels and come in different sizes and types. I got a few on Amazon but the local fishing store would have them too.

  3. Jasmine,
    About your comment on the style of the clothing worn by The Mad Men cast. I read where the style is 40's because that the trend in the sixties. Does that make sense?
    What I cannot find is where I read that. I apologize for this.

  4. Go-Go Grannie!!! Love it!
    I first saw Cate Blanchett, back in Sept 2009 wore a crocheted grannie squared dress to the a red carpet event. Admittedly back then, I was abit shocked! :) See link below:

  5. I certainly understand Gigi's hesitancy to fly because she would it seems likely she'd be subjected to a full body search, which would be extremely unpleasant. I believe that TSA has got to figure out a way to recognize certain individuals like Gigi cannot go through the scan for medical reasons, and have an alternative. But it would be more productive if Jasmine were specific about what rights you are urging listeners to stand up for. I was in Washington DC on 9/11 and like many people I don't support the rights of people to fly with bombs in their underwear.

  6. Um...have to agree with Gigi on the Go Go Granny. Just sayin...