Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cheryl Oberle shares! - Episode 51 - The Knitmore Girls


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This week, in lieu of our normal segments, we chat with Cheryl Oberle. But, we do announce the winners of our "name the listener questions segment" contest.

Cheryl's books
The Sarah Blanche shawl
Cheryl, on Ravelry
Cheryl's knit-a-ways
Cheryl's swatching technique:
The 30 stitch gauge swatch
Cast on at least 30 stitches. Measure the entire width of the 30 sts. If you change one needle size, the width will change exactly 1/2".


  1. I think you are wasting your time to ask people to be quiet when you are recording, especially when you are recording in a public place!

    The noise wasn't a real problem anyway, it was in the background and the voices are very easy to focus on.

  2. As a silent observer to the interview, I can tell you that Jasmin was very polite in her request. She explained what she was doing and let them know they were wrapping up very soon and would leave the private lounge. Yes, I agree that if you are in a public place you really have no right to ask someone to lower their voices, however, this location was picked for its lack of noise and privacy. Cheryl was a trooper and the reason that you do not hear as much of the men talking as loud as they were is due to Jasmin's diligent editing and quality recording equipment.

  3. Hmmmm, so a 30 stitch swatch on US 1s & a 30 stitch swatch on US 10s, will both change by exactly 1/2" if you go up or down one needle size? Really?

    - Denise