Thursday, October 15, 2015

When in Doubt, Overdo - Episode 347 - The Knitmore Girls



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One Minute Update: Jasmin won the Stash Dash competition with Notre Dame Jen, NDJen04 of the Commuter Knitter podcast, and two days later had her baby. Thank you so much for the Loveblanket for Rex!

On The Needles:(0:33)

Jasmin has finished objects, the finished the Dinosaur Hat, two Playful Stripes cardigans, one for Genevieve, and one for Rex.

Gigi has started 1000 Tulips by Martina Behm. She knitted a pair of Geek socks out of Neon Now. Also, she knitted a pair of Vanilla socks out of Stiletto Yarn

Jasmin has been working on the Elsa Sweater, all info and mods are on her project page.  The ruffle is lifted from Jean Moss' book Sculptured Knits. Elsa is a character from the movie Frozen. The sweater has beaded snowflakes, a rhinestone zipper, everything.

Gigi has knitted a set of Sibling Socks, out of Regia 6 Ply . She also started another Braidsmaid and ordered yarn for yet another one. So we ordered yarn from Sarah, formerly of Cephalopod Yarn, in Bugga in a lovely denim blue. Gigi thinks she is doing a personal #Behmalong.

Jasmin has finished a bunch of small sweaters: She is working on finishing a Gramps cardigan from Tot Toppers, out of Sheepspot Suffolk Worsted in the Vitamin C colorway. Jasmin soaked it in SOAK woolwash and then used hair conditioner to soften the yarn.

She has another Gramps cardigan in the works, this one by Tin Can Knits in a sock monkey adaptation, out of Cascade 220. She also has cast on a Bifrost scarf by Infinite Twist. They also sent a Fish Sock Kit for Gigi.

Jasmin is also knitting a Playdate cardigan by Tin Can Knits out of Fibernymph DyeWorks "Star Trekkie" Also finished a Purl Soho Sweater for Rex out of Berry Colorful Yarnings.

Gigi has been cranking out preemie hats, and she has started a sock yarn blanket.


New prize, generously donated by Fab Funky Fibres: The Big One Gradient.
Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to the ravelry forum, or to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.
We mention Susan B. Anderson's podcast

We announce a new contest: #GrinchBomb
Mastering The Knits, a podcast hosted by Alicia, and Natalie of the former Bark'n Knit podcast are hosting a #ElvesWorkshopAlong. We are hosting another Grinch-Along this year. 

Post your holiday gift knitting to instagram with both the #elvesworkshopalong AND the #grinchbomb hashtag (and add a grinch somewhere in the photo, if you can, like this:


From the Mastering the Knits Ravelry forum:
Rules for the Elves Workshop:

"Welcome to our new FALL craftalong ElvesWorkshopalong! Alicia and I are so very excited to finally share this with you!
The main idea of the ElvesWorkshopAlong is to encourage us all to create handmade gifts early enough so we can enjoy our Holiday season and avoid racing to finish our gifts at the last min.
The Rules:
The ElvesWorkshopalong will begin September 1st and run until November 30th. Each project must be cast on and finished within this time frame. Crafters will be able to submit as many entries as you wish. Your entry can be any finished crafted object of your choice. Some examples of entries can include knit, crochet, sew, woodworking, modpodge, baking, etc. If it’s a handmade gift, it qualifies!
You will see a locked FO thread which will open once the along begins Sept 1st. We’ll have a form you can quickly fill out to enter each of your finished entries to win prizes! We have already had some prizes donated. Stay tuned for a sneak peek of prizes in the ravelry thread as well as discussed on the podcast!
We will pick prizes for those that post pictures on social media using the tag #elvesworkshopalong."

The three prizes for the #grinchbomb contest are (so far) three Grinch project bags (sewn by us, never for sale) paired with some lovely Coloring Book Yarn.

Mother Knows Best:(25:25)

This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread in the forum
about the Citric Acid Soak for color work. Jasmin really likes the unscented SOAK woolwash, as well as the soak from Unicorn.

She mentions her Elsa cardigan, and the Rainbow Dots cowl.
When Knitting Attacks:(31:47)

Gigi used smaller needles on her 1000 Tulips shawl, This changed the gauge and now the shawl isn't wide enough, so she is going to pull some of it back and knit it longer.

Jasmin sewed shanks on the backing buttons of the new Playful Stripes cardigan.


This week we purloin from the Awesome Etiquette podcast hosted by Lizzy Post and Daniel Post-Senning to discuss how to politely let a podcaster know that certain things detract from the listening experience.

We also mention the Savage Love Podcast, which is not family friendly.

Jasmin mentions Emily Post's Etiquette, by Peggy Post.

This week we review The Art of Slip Stitch Knitting by Faina Goberstein and Simona Merchant-Dest

We mention Jasmin's blog, Better Than Yarn

Jasmin recommends Barbara Walker's Book of Stitch Patterns

And Sew On:(54:12)

Genevieve joins us briefly to talk about her weaving, spinning, and knitting.

Gigi has been working on the turquoise summer dress she is sewing for Genevieve. She thinks she needs to work on improving her technique for lining garments.


  1. It's no secret that I love listening to the two of you chat about knitting, sewing, mommy-ing, and life, but the true highlight of my day was hearing Danger Mouse's segment on weavin', knittin', and spinnin'. More Genevieve, please!!

  2. I would absolutely love a knitting etiquette segment. Because I knit everywhere except the bathroom. At work, in stalled traffic, and in church. I always figure, it's gotta be less distracting than me fidgeting everywhere!

  3. More Genevieve please!!! Great to hear her so proudly and naturaly talking about her work.

  4. More Genevieve please! "I'm still talking!" 😂😂😂😂

  5. Please, please, people pay attention to their advice about the citric acid soak. I once knit my then-boyfriend/now-husband a beautiful red sweater with white and black stripes. It promptly got turned (no, not by me) into a not-so-lovely red sweater with black and PINK stripes. That was 45 years ago and I'm still not over it!

  6. Oh! And yes, please do a list of knitting etiquette. I routinely knit in the movie theater, or at family gatherings, but there are so many other places I could knit, but I'm not certain if it is appropriate.