Monday, May 9, 2011

Very hungry caterpillar- Episode 151- The Knitmore Girls


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On the needles: (00:31)

Gigi does an impression of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. She's working on a pair of Hobbit Socks for Mr. Knitmore, and isn't thrilled with the yarn. Jasmin is working on the Unloved Andrew socks, and wants to knit the Earl Grey socks for him next. Gigi's Elektra shawl issues have been resolved.

Jasmin has made some progress on her Cassidy cardigan. Gigi is working on her Cece cardigan. Jasmin is diving into her UFO box for inspiration, and wants to finish the cashmere wrap she started a while ago. Jasmin states that she has really gotten her money's worth out of her copy of Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. Gigi has started on a Katje and a Petra.

Jasmin mentions an art exhibition she attended, Pretty Little Masks, and WindSync.

Events: (15:35)

- June 4th: Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery
- June 11th: WWKIP Day. Location TBD.
- June 24-26: Black Sheep Gathering. We're staying at the Courtesy Inn in Eugene, OR.

Contest: (17:33)

We announce the Mom'N'Me contest winners. Gigi shares a story about Mother's Day. You can see the Then and Now photos here.

Mother Knows Best: (23:58)

We answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about" thread: how to place buttons on an attached buttonband. Jasmin suggests doing an Elizabeth Zimmermann afterthought buttonhole. Or place the top button where you want it (try it on with the try on cord), measure the distance between the top button and the apex of your bust, figure out rows per inch, place buttons on a measuring tape that is the total length of the sweater.

Gigi suggests folding a piece of paper instead of doing all of Jasmin's crazy math. Another idea: do the buttonband later.

Review: (32:08)

We review Little Crochet by Linda Permann. We suggest you give it a peek.

Straw into Gold: (41:41)

Jasmin quickly realizes that she is 7 months to finish spinning and knitting Andrew's 10 year sweater.


  1. Dear lovely Jasmine, with all admiration and respect, ennui is pronounced "on we."

  2. A button placement tutorial would be lovely.

  3. Just popping over to say that I received the book and keep up the great work on the podcast!

    aka: kniftyred