Sunday, April 26, 2009

From UFO to FO- Episode 50 - The Knitmore Girls


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This week, we're joined by Tika (host of Gives Good Knit) and Andrew.
The More You Know (00:35)

We will be announcing the winners of the "name the listener suggestions segment" contest in Episode 51.

Go and listen to Knaked Knits!
On the Needles (2:05)

Jasmin goes on a finishing binge! This week she has finished the Geoff Scarf (from the Jade Sapphire Scarves for Him kit), and her Abby. She also reunites with her Ice Queen.

Gigi has stalled out on her Carli- it needs to be blocked. Gigi is working on her Marta, knit out of the Wild Plum 3 colorway in the Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted. Look for Julie's Bias bind-off tutorial here.

Jasmin talks about her podcast sock, knit out of Abstract Fiber's sock yarn (in Newport). Gigi discusses "binge knitting", and Jasmin decides that she wants to knit her way through "Sock Innovation" (find the errata here, thanks Betty!). You can find the Cookie A group here.

Tika is knitting a pair of Shark's socks for her younger charge, and talks about having "car knitting" - a pair of socks for impromptu knitting. Tika is also knitting a scarf from Victorian Lace Today along with an old friend.

Gigi makes pom-poms for this scarf.
Mother Knows Best (21:17)

Tika and Jasmin discuss Mother's Day. Tika and her brother are pooling their resources to buy their mom a ballwinder and swift for Mother's Day. They discuss the Knitpicks ballwinder and the cost difference between those and the Royal ballwinders.

Tika suggests taking nice photos, printing them out, and framing them nicely.
When Knitting Attacks (30:04)

Jasmin can't follow a pattern. After a year of the Ice Queen sitting aside, she realizes that she needs to read the pattern. Gigi can't count.

Tika's Seamless Yoke Sweater has a decrease issue.
Review: (34:53)

Andrew joins in to discuss the Knit Kit (
CAUTION: noisy link), pros and cons. We compare it to the Clover Knit Mate Knitting Accessory Kit. You can find the Stitchminder iPod/iPhone app here.

Straw Into Gold: (50:07)

Jasmin talks about "swatching" her handspun for Mariah. She talks about how she plies her yarn. (Here's a piece by Judith on how to ply, and you should get Teach Yourself Visually Spinning.)


  1. hi there!
    we celebrate Mother's day on the 3rd sunday before Easter in the UK, this year it was March 22nd.
    love the show!

  2. This may be a silly question but, what are "vanilla socks" and "vanilla sweaters". I hear you talk about this all the time but being from Iceland i´m not familiar with the lingo.

    p.s. yours is my favorite podcast.

  3. I really enjoy your podcast, it's one of my favs!! Also appreciate your reviews, they are really helpful. (you'll probably have a ton of people tell you this, but the green kacha-kacha stitchcounter does have a lock, unlike the red one)