Friday, August 19, 2022

The Roomba Uprising Begins- Episode 684- The Knitmore Girls

This is Genevieve, and I am here with a message: Swatching is NOT as hard as it seems. I may be only ten, and the youngest Knitmore, but I finished this swatch in two days with very little help. 🐭 This is a swatch for my first sweater. The yarn was  

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On the Needles: (0:39)


  • Jasmin & Diane from Lady Dye are co-hosting a KAL! The Sea Glass Pullover (in DK). Pushedback to June 20

  • Stash Dash has started! May 27 - End of August

  • STITCHES SoCal in Pasadena!


Mother Knows Best:(30:04)

  • Tedious tasks done with friends (running errands)

Knits in Space:

Gigi borrowed the Wings of Fire series from Genevieve

When Knitting Attacks:(

Roomba kept catching thread and winding it around brushes 

And Sew On 

For the next project: Sew many dresses Sew little time

No progress 

Jasmin is nearly finished with rex’s collared short sleeve shirt. Jasmin sewed a padded laptop sleeve (using this tutorial) for Genevieve’s backpack

  • Haunted mansion : Rex & I chickened out before we got into the coffins. Gut feeling told me NO

  • Pirates of the Caribbean : 10/10. Loved the ride. Got in line as the line got out of control. Loved the small drops, and the paintings on the wall.

  • Thunder Mountain Railroad : 12/10. SO MUCH FUN! Fast, fast curves, small drops. Loved all of it.

  • Jungle Cruise : 10/10. Guide made dad jokes, which Dad loved. Relaxing, and Rex & I loved the hippos

  • Disneyland railroad: 3/10. It was ok. Did not love it. We realized that we could have taken the railroad instead of walking! >=(

  • Splash mountain : 6/10. (Mom talks about how it's racist) Big drop at the end was not my favorite. Kinda fun looking back. Rex HATED IT. He was in the front, and got drenched. In the photo, we are all terrified (except for Dad) and the two people with us are enjoying the heck out of it. Also, no seatbelts. >=(

  • Rise of the Resistance! : 200,000/10. IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING. If you go to disney, this is a MUST DO NO MATTER WHAT. I wish I could say more, but that would spoil the AMAZINGNESS of the ride. =(

  • Millennium falcon smugglers run : 9/10. Really fun. Be a pilot or an engineer. Gunners are not fun.

  • Star Tours : 11/10. Loved it. Super fun. They updated it. So it's better. This is recommended.

  • The Mark Twain Riverboat : 5/10. It’s a good thing to do in the middle of things. It’s relaxing.

  • The Sailing ship Columbia : 5/10.  It’s a good thing to do in the middle of things. It’s relaxing. More fun than the Mark Twain Riverboat. Make sure to check out below decks.

  • Storybook Land Boats : 8/10.  It’s a good thing to do in the middle of things. It’s relaxing. It’s all really cute, and Dad liked the succulents.

  • Matterhorn Bobsleds : 4/10. The only reason this didn’t get a 10/10, was because of the Yeti. It isn’t silly anymore. It’s straight up scary. I closed my eyes the whole time. I don’t think you should bring small kids on this ride. It is so loud that you can hear it outside the ride.

  • Monorail : It’s a good thing to do in the middle of things. It’s relaxing. 

  • Astro Orbiter : 9/10. Fun. It goes up high. Fun.

California Adventure

  • Web Slingers : 10/10. Bring your little boys on it. Super fun. Interactive ride.

  • Cars Land Racers : 10/10. Loved it. There is a dark part that is a bit creepy. Rex hated it. (Surprising, right?) It goes fast, but it’s fun.

  • Grizzly Peak : 20/10. Fun, relaxing, drops. LOVED THE HECK OUT OF THIS RIDE. GO ON THIS RIDE NO MATTER WHAT. You will get wet. It’s good for hot days.

  • Little shows at times. Fun.

Must go to star wars land. If you miss it, you will regret it. I felt like such a geek there. Wish I could live there.

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