Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lady Hulk - Episode 172 - The Knitmore Girls


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Here at Abstract Fiber we've got some fabulous new colors including Summit, Lagoon, SOAR, The Gorge.  The next best thing to being at SOAR is our SOAR colorway, the color of Autumn leaves. Available now at .

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Here at Lisa Souza,there is an exciting and arty new garment in our pattern line-up. She has been dreamed up by The Queenie Sisters and her name is Eternity. This is a fabulous kimono style jacket that is made with two colors of our Polwarth/silk and is challenging enough for what the girls call an Enthusiastic Intermediate Knitter. The best part about Eternity, other than the fact that she is so very artsy is that she fits a very wide range of body types and is great for the full figure gal. Our sample has been made with Violet and South Pacific but I would be ever so glad to help your color vision at 

Purlescence Yarns is the Bay Area's destination yarn shop. From the best in spinning and weaving equipment to luxurious yarns and fibers, we have what you need to make your fibery dreams a reality. We're always happy to provide mail order service for Knitmore Girls listeners. Call us today, it'll be on its way!

On The Needles:(00:35)

Gigi finished projects for a friend. Jasmin is bored with knitting sleeves.  She is working on the Breezy cardigan by Hannah Fettig. We mention Project Accessory; Gigi prefers Project Runway.

Jasmin mentions handles from a Noni bag and having a pile of sweaters that are waiting to be finished:  the Blue Streak cardigan, and the baby version of the blue streak cardigan, the garter stitch wrap sweater, and garter stitch baby kimono that Isabelle from the Fluffy Fiber podcast is also knitting, and the mini Mondo Cable cardi.

Jasmin mentions a couple of useful Interweave apps that will give you yardage estimates for garments in different sizes and yarn thicknesses (Knit Handy and Crochet Handy).

Events: (16:30)

02/23-26/2012: Stitches West 2012.
     -No official Meet-and-Greet, but do come and say hi!
     -We will have Preemie hat collection points (to be announced)
     -Still looking for a signal for shy listeners


Do some good.  Get your entries in by December 25th.  

We have launched our annual Do Some Good Contest, and we picked some amazing prizes:
- a set of three Lolo Bars: CC clove, Little Pumpkin, and Figgy
- a signed copy of Coastal Knits
- one year subscription to Knitter's Magazine
- a set of Knitter's Blocks
- as of this week: one copy of How to Knit a Heart Back Home, and Wishes and Stitches, and How to Knit a Love Song, and A Life in Stitches by Rachael Herron.

When Knitting Attacks:(20:46)

Gigi has problems with her Sothia and her Katriel.  Also, the sleeves on her Rocky Coast cardigan. Jasmin was working on her Breezy Cardigan, and managed to have two Knit Picks cables come apart on her.


We review My Grandmother's Knitting by Rachel Manring, and we are utterly charmed.

Holidays with the Knitmores:(34:47)

Remember the spirit of the holiday season. Stop. Breathe. Enjoy.  Simplify. What do you do to simplify the holiday season?


  1. Great show -- nice to know I'm not alone when I screw up a garter stitch project.

    Quick question: I was on the Bar-Maids site and didn't see a way to contact them. Might you have contact info for them? I would like to know if their products are wheat and gluten free. PM me on Ravelry: LeeBernstein

  2. Whoops! Never mind. Found it. Their telephone number is on the home page.

    Well, it seems as though reading is going the same way as garter stitch these days. Geesh.

  3. Have you been keeping up with Project Runway All Stars? I laugh every time Joanna comes into the work room and complains about designs that make it impossible to wear a bra. Finally--the voice of reason!