Monday, April 4, 2011

Hope chest - Episode 146 - The Knitmore Girls


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Shownotes will be posted after Camp KIP.


  1. Great episode. I really enjoy listening to you both. Gigi's advice on sewing is invaluable and your advice on spinning and weaving is so helpful. It should also be noted that you are the reason I purchased my loom, thanks a bunch for spreading the loom love.

    I do have a question, where are you purchasing zippers. I've only had access to "all-purpose zippers" but would like to have source for higher quality zippers.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Hello Jasmin and Gigi,
    Enjoyed the show as always and appreciated your touching on a topic I've wanted to ask about. You spoke of etiquette and good manners concerning ball winding. I really need an answer about shopping in a LYS.
    Once, while browsing in a favorite yarn shop while vacationing in another state, I overheard a customer talking with the store owner. She seemed really irritated that a woman had come into the shop asking questions and needing help with her knitting, but what nerve! She did not purchase her stuff at this shop! How dare she expect the proprietor's time when she did not make an investment in return.
    I was a little disappointed in the exchange because I always felt that knitters were the friendliest, most helpful, and generous people on earth...and would never withhold help from anyone needing it.
    I pondered it, though, and do totally understand the rudeness of expecting something for nothing. This same lady was put out when I mentioned having received the Knitpicks Interchangeables for Christmas. "Why didn't you buy them from me??!" (She didn't carry this set and I don't even live in this state!) Anyway, I haven't been back to that LYS because I'm a little 'put out' myself.
    What is the proper attitude here? Should I not expect help from my owner if I did not purchase my yarn here? Is my dollar my ticket into the 'inner circle' of knitting friends? Shall I never brandish my Knitpick needles in this woman's store from shame?
    This is bugging me.............

  3. I love your show and always download in my scandisk. You go everywhere with me. I do not care for video podcasts. I only like video podcasts if a technique is shown. I hope that helps you out. Thanks again

  4. I listen to you primarily on the train- I live in the suburbs but commute into Chicago for work. The only video podcast I watch is the let's knit together podcast, which features interviews with designers, etc. I watch them on my iPod touch, also on the train.

  5. I know I am in the minority but I prefer video podcasts. I rarely listen to your podcasts because I want to see what you are talking about. I am a visual person. I watch the video podcasts mostly on my ipad while I am knitting. My friend Lala from the knit girllls recommended your podcast and it is good but I miss the visual. I need to walk more then I would listen more.