Sunday, January 10, 2010

Knitting: The Final Frontier - Episode 83 - The Knitmore Girls

interminable baby blanket

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This week: Spin your winter doldrums away with Purlescence Yarns. Whether you let your spindle fly or give your wheel a whirl, we're here for all your spinning needs. We've recently received a shipment of Ashford's new sliding hook flyer Joy wheels, along with flyer upgrades and drum carders. All large equipment comes with an hour of free instruction or equivalent value book. Wheels and carders are ready to ship today!

On the Needles: (00:29)

Gigi continues to work on the interminable dishcloth baby blanket (pictured above). Jasmin has finished knitting the pieces for the Boo Jacket. Gigi is working on her Ellina shawl. Jasmin's "Stealth" project (that is nearly complete) is the Mondo Cable Cardi (by Bonne Marie Burns) out of the Abstract Fiber Miro Worsted (color: Twilight). Gigi has finished the Cynthia Vanilla Sock out of Berroco Sox Metallic. Gigi is working on an UFO! She is putting fringe on Ursula's Lady Eleanor out of Soy Wool Stripes.

Jasmin is sticking to Jasmin 2010 by finishing the pieces for the Boo Sweater, then finishing the Mondo Cable Cardi, but succumbs to temptation because of cashmere, the scrunchable cowl, and the Looped Loop cowl. Jasmin mentions Tika teaching her how to do the provisional cast-on with her fingers. (You can find Tika's podcast is Gives Good Knit.)

We talk about a bit about the Star Trek Exhibit at the Tech Museum, and the costumes.

Mother Knows Best: (18:12)

This week, we talk about taking classes and learning modalities.

Ravelympics Training: (27:18)

Gigi has decided to knit a Color Your Own Sweater (by Philosopher's Wool), Jasmin has decided to knit the Seneca sweater (by Jared Flood).

You can find Team Knitmore here, and Team Sasquatch here.

This week: Buy or unearth your materials.

Promo for The Knitting Show.

Contest! (31:45)

We announce the winners for the "Do Some Good" contest. We launch the "Most welcomed gift" contest, which closes on February 6th, 2010. The prize for this contest is the 2007 Interweave Knits CD (courtesy of listener, JuliaAngeline).

When Knitting Attacks: (35:01)

Gigi knits too many repeats on her Ellina. Jasmin encounters tangled cashmere, and has declared that "This really tangles my cashmere!" is her new exasperated phrase. Gigi hits a bump with the Boo Jacket lining.

Straw into Gold: (39:54)

Jasmin is spinning half of the Falkland (from Crown Mountain Farms "Fiber of the Month" club) woolen, and half of it worsted.

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