Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday: Rhinebeck Field Updates

So, yesterday was all about getting where we're going. My day started at 3:10 AM, when the airport shuttle came to collect me. By 4:45, I was through the line at security (where I got frisked *very* enthusiastically), by 7:30 I was in the Las Vegas Airport (where I *didn't* win a million dollars), and met Meghan in Chicago.

When we landed in White Plains, it was SNOWING. For the first time EVER, I got snow in my hair. It was really cold, but also awesome. We picked up the rental car, hooked up Garmina, and headed to the hotel.

This morning, we slept in a bit and headed for Stew Leonard's. When our listeners told us about Stew Leonards, we were a little skeptical. As you walk in the door, they're making hot cider donuts:



And it only gets better from there. (We went back with Jackie in the evening. That's how great this place is.) There are animatronics ALL over the store, and some of them are interactive:

(That's Meghan and Clover, the rope in the foreground makes Clover say "Moo". Jackie thought that Clover would punch her in the face if she pulled the rope.)

(The chicken sings "Old MacDonald")

So, while Meghan was videotaping the young man making the donuts (and I was taking pictures), I was accosted by Stew Leonard's security, who informed me that I shouldn't really be taking pictures. Evidently, I look like a hoodlum. Who knew?

So, before Jackie arrived, Meghan and I decided to venture out to a yarn store in Scarsdale (Sticks & Strings), where the gal working there recommended lunch at Chat. At Chat, we had the world's best waitress, who serves tap water with flair:


And our view from our table:


When we got back to the car, we had left Garmina on (accidentally), and the battery was low. We headed towards the airport to collect Jackie, and on the way there, Garmina betrayed us in the worst way, and just. Turned. Off.

Luckily, Meghan and I were armed with iPhones, and we found our way to the airport, identified Jackie by her brilliant smile, and headed back to the hotel. When we arrived, we stuffed goodie bags and headed out to dinner, with Garmina and her car charger.

We had dinner at Rosy Tomorrow's with Jeannie, and were served the world's largest dessert sampler, along with some wicked awesome wings.

Tomorrow's plan includes coffee and cider donuts in the morning, our 12-1 meet and greet in the Carolina Homespun booth, and some serious Rhinebeck-y goodness.


  1. Just got home from Rhinebeck and subscribed to your podcast. Thanks for the goodie bag. I think it's going to become yoga socks!

  2. P.S. Can't think of anything that makes me happier than a sweet new tape measure!

  3. Sounds like so much fun!! First time with snow on your hair, hey? :) Have an awesome time.

  4. Just got home from my first visit to Rhinebeck. Thanks for the goodie bag. And thanks to Becca Mill for introducing me to your podcast. I love knitting!!!!!!!

  5. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your weekend. We have a name for our GPS also - since we gave her a British accented voice we call her Letitia.

    When we first started using Letitia we once tried to get directed to a major nearby airport - for some reason it was not on the map! It was actually in my home town, so I was not desperate for directions, but we were just getting used to using a GPS and thought it would be fun to ask the question. You can bet I went right to the web site when I got home and reported the omission!

  6. Take care of each other - it is important that you each have fun and get lost in the fibery goodness - enjoy Rhinebeck and take lots of pictures today so we can all live thru your adventures

  7. It was fun meeting you in the line at the fleece sale and Zeillinger's! I had no idea that you'd been in my hood--my son loves Rosy Tomorrow's. And our GPS is Yoda, as he has Yoda's voice and syntax.

  8. Loved hearing your review of Rhinebeck. I live in Brooklyn,NY and have been up to Rhinebeck numerous times. But I am a knitter, not a spinner. So I was very interested in all that you said about your fleece shopping.
    What happens after you hand your fleece over to the handlers> Do they return it as roving? Can it be returned in a yarn of your desired weight? I am definitely going to have to research this fleece thing.
    Hope Gigi is recoving well, and look forward to hearing her soon.