Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tentacles - Episode 303 - The Knitmore Girls

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On The Needles:(0:33)

Gigi finished the animal print tube socks. Jasmin has finished the Hocus Pocus socks by Mint Rain and Kaitie's Creations. We mention the Citric Acid soak. The Outlander colorway socks from Voolenvine came out of the wash without losing color.

Gigi has been knitting Halloween socks out of MarigoldJen yarn in the Purple Finch colorway. Gigi mentions Cat Bordhi's Houdini socks.  Jasmin mentions Sock Architecture.

 She also mentions the Knitmore Girls Instagram account and the Knitmore Girls Pinterest boards.
Gigi has swatched for her next cowl, the Wild Iris, from the Book of Cowls, by Sivia Harding, out of Himalayan Trails, by Bijou Basin Ranch.

Jasmin is working on the #countdowntooutlander, #Kiltmenow, she has started on socks out of Je Suis Prest, by Gingertwist Studio in Edinburgh , which she is carrying in her Caithness Craft Collective tartan bag.

Gigi was knitting the Mystik Spiral socks out of Opal Van Gogh, and she ripped back the striping part, because it didn't show.

Jasmin is working on Howloween socks SPELLING? BY Lollipop Yarn in the Beefcake base.
Also, she is working on an Olivia hat for Genevieve's Halloween costume.

Loose Ends:(16:54)

Jasmin has pushed live our interview with the amazing Judy Becker

We talk about how the issues with the fading of the yarns from Biscotte & Cie continued.
Jasmin found a source for Citric Acid.


- October 16-19 Pacific International Quilt Fest, at the Santa Clara Convention Center
- Purlescence Yarn Swap October 25
 - Pajamma Jammie Jam, date TBA.


Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.

Prize for Operation Sockdrawer generously provided by

Next prize is a skein of  Mint Rain is Berry Sunday with matching  berry colored yarn for heels and toes, generously provided by Kaitie's Creations.


We are co-hosting the Countdown to Outlander Knitalong on instagram,  #countdowntooutlander, #kiltmenowKAL. This has to be creatively related to the Outlander series.  Getting help from pocket Jamie is encouraged.

This is an instagram contest, so please make sure to use the appropriate hashtags.

This is being co-hosted by Maria from Subway Knits, CC from Geeky Girls Knit, and Kristin from YarnGasm.

New Prizes!
From Gourmet Stash:  two braids of fiber and two skeins of yarn in the time traveler colorway, and in the waterweed colorway . 

Mother Knows Best:(30:40)

This week's advice is: Caveat Emptor- Buyer Beware!

We have always been satisfied with yarns we bought from Lisa Souza, Abstract Fiber, Tess Yarns, Fab Funky Fibres and Invictus Yarns. If you are not sure about the colorfastness of your yarn, do the citric acid treatment.

Jasmin mentions Rockin' Green detergent.


This week we are purloining from Die Urbane Spinnstube, hosted by Diestelfliege, and the way they do yarn swaps.

Jasmin mentioned the White Lies bed jacket.


This week we review
The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook, by Deb Robson and Carol Ekarius
Jasmin mentions the kindle edition version of this book, the The Knitter's Book of Wool, and the
The Spinner's Book of Fleece by Beth Smith

She calls these three books the Trifecta of spinning books that should be on the Christmas list of spinners.

Also, she mentions In Sheep's Clothing.

Straw Into Gold:(54:21)

Gigi got Rumpelstilzkined: she set up her wheel, but couldn't find her fiber anywhere.
Jasmin mentions Spinzilla, Leslie from Knit Girllls and Kate from Gourmet Stash.

And Sew On:(56:44)

Jasmin is sewing up a giant pile of Halloween project bags, with Gigi doing the cutting and pressing.
Jasmin is very satisfied with the Miracle Ironing Board Cover.
Gigi finally sewed the zipper into the Nemesis dress. The zipper did not go in without a fight, but Gigi won in round two, with help of her quilting Stiletto.


  1. Never,ever stop being honest and straightforward about your reviews. You ladies have saved me so much time. Of course my mileage may vary compared to yours on certain items and that OK too but your a great starting off point when I'm looking to buy something. I know I can listen to your podcast or click your reviews tab and get an honest opinion on what products are out there. Its what I've come to count on when considering on what and where to spend my crafty dollars.

  2. Thanks Jasmin and Gigi for all the good work that you do! I, too, am saddened by the response of yarn dyer and think this is a show of their character to respond as they have done. As a fiber consumer and TWO Schacht wheels I really listen to your advice regarding products. Keep doing what you have been doing! All is well!!